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At MF Digital we pride ourselves on our products, our service and our industry knowledge. From this page we want to share with you what we know, whats happening , special offers, new product releases and perhaps even some random thoughts!

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Press Release: MF Digital Announces the Release of RipStation 7600 disc migration DataGrabber Series

June 18th, 2013 Comments Off

Press Release: MF Digital Announces the Release of RipStation 7600 disc migration DataGrabber Series.

Farmingdale, NY 9th May, 2013 – MF Digital is proud to announce the DataGrabber disc migrator line for Archivist, Medical, Financial and Legal organizations.

MF Digital’s DataGrabber series brings full automation to the process of migrating your data records from disc to on-line available storage.

If you have an archive of media on any type or format of physical disc, DataGrabber is the solution to migrate that archive to local, network, or cloud based storage making it accessible, indexable and available on demand. Easy loading and unloading of discs, a large input capacity allowing for hours of unattended operation and scalability make this a good fit whether you need to migrate hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of discs.

DataGrabber data migrator supports all data types so it can be deployed in any sector without limitation, but our knowledge and experience allows us to supply the solution that’s right for you and your organization.

“With these new models in our RipStation lineup, we offer total flexibility for our customers when it comes to disc ripping,” says John McGrath, MF Digital’s U.S. World-Wide Sales Manager. “Our customers now have the capability to move optical disc data from virtually any disc whether data, audio, or video, to local or online mass storage including the cloud.” Mr. McGrath explains, “We have always been at the forefront of Disc Ripping Technology. With the introduction of our latest revision of the DataGrabber series, we now provide the end-user a network ready self-enclosed unit that is easy-to-use and has everything needed for fast and accurate automated disc migration.”
For further details, please visit or contact John McGrath at

About MF Digital

MF Digital, based in Farmingdale, NY, a division of Formats Unlimited, has been developing optical disc solutions for over a decade. The company’s extensive line of high quality manual and auto-loading duplicators, publishers, Blu-Ray products, disc ripping solutions, and USB/SD duplicators are used throughout the A/V, graphic arts and data/enterprise networking industries.

#GetPrinterInk is Trending

July 24th, 2012 Comments Off

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MF Digital launches eventCD

February 16th, 2012 Comments Off

evectCD Logo
We are excited to have just released our latest entry into the Live CD recording area – eventCD

With eventCd, you can record Live audio from any event to CD and create multiple CD copies in one simple intuitive, expandable and cost effective system.

The new EventCD combination recorder/duplicator system allows easy recording from virtually any mixer or other analog or digital source right to the “EventCD” hard disk and then almost instantaneous output to two and up to forty-two disc copies at once via its modular expansion approach. This powerful and easy to use system is ideally suited for the recording of church and school events, seminars, lectures, concerts, legal depositions, or any application where multiple audio recordings are instantly needed.

eventCDThe EventCD can record over 650 hours of uncompressed CD quality sound directly to the system’s hard drive. The user simply records the event or performance to the hard disk, sets the desired Start IDs or track points, optionally edits or sets one or more span points for longer recordings exceeding the capacity of a single CD, and then submits the job. Within three minutes of the event’s conclusion, the user will have multiple copies of the event. Its a simple to use powerful system that can be expanded to suit any need.

Expand EventCD with the 5604 4 drive Expansion modules over Ethernet giving the ability to burn on up to 42 drives simultaneously – whether set remotely around a concert facility or campus, or located in a production facility. Add an AutoPrinter for the perfect live event production unit.

And the price? $749

More information at

Great prices on ink in December

December 14th, 2011 Comments Off

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New update available for Scribe

November 14th, 2011 Comments Off

We have released our latest and greatest update for Scribe – with an all new burn engine, CD Text support , and many more enhancements.

In addition, upgrade now and you’ll get free software – our full multi disc batch job version , plus the latest version of Ripstation for Scribe for all of your CD ripping needs.

The upgrade , as with all of our software upgrades is free so head on over to and download it now.

Have you checked out Cougar yet?

October 3rd, 2011 Comments Off

Cougar has only been launched a few months and it has been a great success – fast async copying with 6 drives at a price that’s hard to beat.

Why not check it out for your next high volume quote or job – visit or contact your Sales Manager to find out more.

Scribe offers unbeatable pricing

September 16th, 2011 Comments Off

Scribe has always been a mainstay of our product line up – with many options for dupe and print plus an embedded PC running windows, Scribe offers a great standalone system for all of your duplication needs.

So, we have gone one step better on the pricing – Scribe now starts at $3325 for a two drive dupe with Picojet print. Great value and the same great product backed by our legendary service department.

Check out scribe here

Ripstation DataGrabber – a real opportunity!

July 15th, 2011 Comments Off

In the current climate we all look for markets that are in need of our solutions. Heres one : Data Archives

All sorts of companies, and Government agencies have many many thousands of CD and DVDs full of archived data. Be it law makers, financial services, libraries, ad agencies , newspapers – almost every organisation has archive data and backups on physical media.

Enter Ripstation DataGrabber – the industry leading solutions that allows companies to load up their entire physical archives and have them copied, bit for bit to local, SAN, NAS or Cloud storage. All error checked and all reported. Its the fastest, most accurate and efficient way to get data committed to hard drive, fast.

DataGrabber starts at just $1395 for low volume needs and is fully scalable no matter the project size.

Check it out here – the opportunities are there!

MF Digital – providing solutions

July 15th, 2011 Comments Off

We have had great success with our recent launches of Cougar and Dolphin in the last few months – the net effect is that we have a solution for every need and at every level.

We have enjoyed great feedback as to our build quality, features and price points – but we want to be here to help our customers – end users and resellers to deliver on solutions with our products. So, over the comign weeks we will be enhancing all of our documentation and case studies to show what can be done with the MF Digital range – and just how big an advantage it is to ‘Go MFD’.

Need to compare features? Need solutions advice? We are here to help before, during and after the sale.

Our new Dolphin Tower Copier has launched

June 8th, 2011 Comments Off

Our new products just keep coming! we are excited to announce the Dolphin Tower copier –  a cost effective 7 drive copier tower with CD/DVD and BluRay Options

Dolphin is the latest range of Tower copiers – with 7 drives, Dolphin is a reliable, feature packed, affordable copier with all the options you could need.

Dolphin is operated by a simple four button keypad for intuitive operation, and ships with an integral 500GB HDD for huge image storage. Its powerful embedded operating system uses a 32 bit RISC CPU offering true 12x write on our BluRay models. Supporting copy, test, verify and compare functions with audio compilation capability, Dolphin is the tower copier that every other copier aspires to be.

Dolphin inherits MF Digitals renowned approach to build quality with its industrial chassis, assembled in the USA. Automated self diagnosis and a 500 watt PSU with drives from Sony(CD/DVD) and Pioneer(BD) make Dolphin ideal for 24/7 use.

Dolphin is available as CD/DVD or as CD/DVD/BD with options for increased storage capacity up to 2TB and Lightscribe capability.

As you would expect, Dolphin is supported worldwide with free lifetime software upgrades.

Dolphin is available now, priced at $725 (CD/DVD) and $1995 (BD) ready to go.