Content Delivery is Our Business – whatever the media

October 20th, 2010 Comments Off

Whether you wish to distribute or store your data on disc, USB or other flash memory, we pride ourselves on delivering tailor-made solutions that utilise the very latest technology. Which means listening to what you want. Talking through the options and finding the answer that works best for you. Now and in the future. It’s this approach that has enabled us to deliver projects on time and in budget again and again…and keeps businesses coming back to our expert team year after year. If you would like to talk to the team about finding the right content delivery solution for your business, we’re here to help and ready to listen.

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to talk to you regarding which option is best for your next CD,DVD or USB project. To reach us by phone, make sure to call us at 800 645 8461 ext 206.

As always, we offer quality DVD CD Duplication and Replication at low rates and with quick turn-around times. We staff a dedicated sales support team, graphic design artists and maintain an expansive line of duplication, replication and printing equipment to handle all your media requests.

TDK Develops 1TB Optical Disc

October 3rd, 2010 Comments Off

TDK has now revealed a 1TB monster of its own at CEATEC. Unlike existing Blu-rays which use four recording layers at most, TDK’s creation features 16 layers on both sides of the disc, each capable of storing up to 32GB apiece. If you’re keeping track of the optical storage arms race, that’s seven more gigabytes per layer than Pioneer’s 400GB and 500GB disc achievements made back in 2008. TDK’s prototype also has the potential to leverage existing Blu-ray technologies, since it’s made from a material already found in BDs and shares the same beam aperture. On the down side, the current version’s recording layers measure 260μm — that’s more than twice as thick as its Blu-ray counterpart — and causes aberrations in today’s fat-layer-hating optical lenses. Outside of its Biggest Loser qualifications, though, TDK says “its commercialization depends on disc manufacturers.” Considering the company has yet to sell the 10-layer 320GB discs revealed at CEATEC 2009, however, we’re doubtful this 1TB improvement will hit stores anytime soon.