Virtual Publishing integration with MF Digital products

March 1st, 2011 Comments Off

Virtual publishing is much talked about in our industry – changes from physical media to on line video content, especially in the video space is a huge growth area.

Did you know that our Ripstation MediaGrabber series can take physical content from DVD or BD and prduce a single tagged output that can be directly uploaded into on line publishers such as and Brightcove?

With Ripstation and an on line service, you can produce an entire end to end workflow that will injest your content and feed it to an online service who will transcode it and publish it live to the web in just a few simple clicks. Integration is a snap, and all you need is an on line account with one of the publishers to achieve this – drop your sales manager a line to find out more.

Recording live video for immediate release to web? Utilize our Video Live product – feed it directly with your live video source and choose between a physical output or direct publish.

At MF Digital, we provide tomorrows solutions today.