Cougar 6600 Launched – High Speed Async Production Duplicator

April 13th, 2011 Comments Off

Here at MF Digital, we are very excited about our new product launch – the Cougar series. This is a high speed, industrial unit with 600 disc capacity, 6 drives and ships with CD/DVD support as standard with optional BluRay.

With integrated Windows 7 Pro PC, Cougar is operated by an integral keypad for intuitive operation, supplemented by unlimited network clients with our Network Command Center , allowing jobs to be launched to one or up to 100 Cougars

With its Asynchronous operation, Cougar 6 drive easily out performs other 8 drive machines on the market – and it is cost effective at just $4995 ready to run.

As always, Cougar is designed, developed and manufactured in the USA with worldwide support.

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