Press Release: MF Digital Announces the Release of RipStation 7600 disc migration DataGrabber Series

June 18th, 2013 Comments Off

Press Release: MF Digital Announces the Release of RipStation 7600 disc migration DataGrabber Series.

Farmingdale, NY 9th May, 2013 – MF Digital is proud to announce the DataGrabber disc migrator line for Archivist, Medical, Financial and Legal organizations.

MF Digital’s DataGrabber series brings full automation to the process of migrating your data records from disc to on-line available storage.

If you have an archive of media on any type or format of physical disc, DataGrabber is the solution to migrate that archive to local, network, or cloud based storage making it accessible, indexable and available on demand. Easy loading and unloading of discs, a large input capacity allowing for hours of unattended operation and scalability make this a good fit whether you need to migrate hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of discs.

DataGrabber data migrator supports all data types so it can be deployed in any sector without limitation, but our knowledge and experience allows us to supply the solution that’s right for you and your organization.

“With these new models in our RipStation lineup, we offer total flexibility for our customers when it comes to disc ripping,” says John McGrath, MF Digital’s U.S. World-Wide Sales Manager. “Our customers now have the capability to move optical disc data from virtually any disc whether data, audio, or video, to local or online mass storage including the cloud.” Mr. McGrath explains, “We have always been at the forefront of Disc Ripping Technology. With the introduction of our latest revision of the DataGrabber series, we now provide the end-user a network ready self-enclosed unit that is easy-to-use and has everything needed for fast and accurate automated disc migration.”
For further details, please visit or contact John McGrath at

About MF Digital

MF Digital, based in Farmingdale, NY, a division of Formats Unlimited, has been developing optical disc solutions for over a decade. The company’s extensive line of high quality manual and auto-loading duplicators, publishers, Blu-Ray products, disc ripping solutions, and USB/SD duplicators are used throughout the A/V, graphic arts and data/enterprise networking industries.

Ripstation DataGrabber – a real opportunity!

July 15th, 2011 Comments Off

In the current climate we all look for markets that are in need of our solutions. Heres one : Data Archives

All sorts of companies, and Government agencies have many many thousands of CD and DVDs full of archived data. Be it law makers, financial services, libraries, ad agencies , newspapers – almost every organisation has archive data and backups on physical media.

Enter Ripstation DataGrabber – the industry leading solutions that allows companies to load up their entire physical archives and have them copied, bit for bit to local, SAN, NAS or Cloud storage. All error checked and all reported. Its the fastest, most accurate and efficient way to get data committed to hard drive, fast.

DataGrabber starts at just $1395 for low volume needs and is fully scalable no matter the project size.

Check it out here – the opportunities are there!

Virtual Publishing integration with MF Digital products

March 1st, 2011 Comments Off

Virtual publishing is much talked about in our industry – changes from physical media to on line video content, especially in the video space is a huge growth area.

Did you know that our Ripstation MediaGrabber series can take physical content from DVD or BD and prduce a single tagged output that can be directly uploaded into on line publishers such as and Brightcove?

With Ripstation and an on line service, you can produce an entire end to end workflow that will injest your content and feed it to an online service who will transcode it and publish it live to the web in just a few simple clicks. Integration is a snap, and all you need is an on line account with one of the publishers to achieve this – drop your sales manager a line to find out more.

Recording live video for immediate release to web? Utilize our Video Live product – feed it directly with your live video source and choose between a physical output or direct publish.

At MF Digital, we provide tomorrows solutions today.

Cutting the cord – making the most of your media

January 20th, 2011 Comments Off

So everyone is quite excited about the new generation of TV boxes – Apple Tv, Roku and Boxee. These cost effective little gadgets let you enjoy a lot of content via services like Netflix and Hulu, and they are great.

Heres the thing – if you are a media owner , you need the ability to take physical media such as DVD and make it digital, allowing it to be streamed etc. This is a revenue opportunity and clearly something that needs done for this new generation of set top boxes. At MF Digital /Ripstation, we have the solution – our automated robotic units have led the market for 6 years – load your physical media into a Ripstation and export encoded files ready to distribute . Its a small investment for a fast return in this ever increasing digital marketplace.

If you are a home user – you’ll want to enjoy your own DVD and BD content around the home on your streaming players – our XDP series is perfect for that – load up 100 of your discs and they will be encoded right onto your media server or player. And like magic, you then have every piece of content, old and new at your finger tips.

Talk to us today. We have the solutions and the expertise to get your video content streaming, fast.

New Ripstation Blu-ray model released

January 6th, 2011 Comments Off

2010 saw considerable growth in the demand for Blu Ray ripping – both for data and video content. Based on this demand, available from today is our new entry level BluRay ripping unit – the 7601XDP-BR.

this is a USB device, complete with BR ripping software for either data or video content, and is fitted with a single BD drive and a 100 disc input capacity. Simply load and automate the entire process.

Data support is bit for bit with enhanced error checking, MD5 reporting and CRC matching, Video support applies metadata and also transcodes to H.264 and MKV in addition to ISO and folder level ripping.

Priced at $1995 , in stock and available today contact your Ripstation specialist for more details or to buy today.

New Italian Reseller and partner appointed

January 6th, 2011 Comments Off

MF digital are very pleased to annouce that from Jan 1st 2011 we will be working closely with The Disc Connection in Italy –

Based in Milano, The Disc Connection have long been servicing the Italian market – now representing the entire MF digital product range including duplication, ripping and our USB/SD platform series.

We look forward to servicing the Italian market together and in growing our European partner network.

Ripstation MediaGrabber now updated

November 12th, 2010 Comments Off

We have just put live the latest and greates MediaGrabber build. This adds a lot of error checking and the ability to run processes at both disc and batch completion – useful for file moves or server loading. The changes make the platform much more extensoble for any application.

Of note also is that the batch encoding section has been completely rewritten from scratch – this allows for very flexible set up and support for MP4, MKV, Xvid and FLV as standard plus optional Theora and webm to comply with HTML5. It also adds routines for converting all titles on disc or isolating the main title only.

Contact support now to upgrade.

Ripstation DataGrabber

November 3rd, 2010 Comments Off

We have just released our latest version of DataGrabber which supports enhanced logging, MD5 checks and a number of other features added based on feedback from our user base and with our commitment to continual product development.

DataGrabber has been a great product with use by government agencies, archives and media companies to get data from DVD or CD to hard drive fast and efficiently.

Industry and Company News As It Happens

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