Scribe offers unbeatable pricing

September 16th, 2011 Comments Off

Scribe has always been a mainstay of our product line up – with many options for dupe and print plus an embedded PC running windows, Scribe offers a great standalone system for all of your duplication needs.

So, we have gone one step better on the pricing – Scribe now starts at $3325 for a two drive dupe with Picojet print. Great value and the same great product backed by our legendary service department.

Check out scribe here

Our new Dolphin Tower Copier has launched

June 8th, 2011 Comments Off

Our new products just keep coming! we are excited to announce the Dolphin Tower copier –  a cost effective 7 drive copier tower with CD/DVD and BluRay Options

Dolphin is the latest range of Tower copiers – with 7 drives, Dolphin is a reliable, feature packed, affordable copier with all the options you could need.

Dolphin is operated by a simple four button keypad for intuitive operation, and ships with an integral 500GB HDD for huge image storage. Its powerful embedded operating system uses a 32 bit RISC CPU offering true 12x write on our BluRay models. Supporting copy, test, verify and compare functions with audio compilation capability, Dolphin is the tower copier that every other copier aspires to be.

Dolphin inherits MF Digitals renowned approach to build quality with its industrial chassis, assembled in the USA. Automated self diagnosis and a 500 watt PSU with drives from Sony(CD/DVD) and Pioneer(BD) make Dolphin ideal for 24/7 use.

Dolphin is available as CD/DVD or as CD/DVD/BD with options for increased storage capacity up to 2TB and Lightscribe capability.

As you would expect, Dolphin is supported worldwide with free lifetime software upgrades.

Dolphin is available now, priced at $725 (CD/DVD) and $1995 (BD) ready to go.

Scribe series gets new, low pricing

February 1st, 2011 Comments Off

We have REDUCED pricing on our Scribe Publisher series models resulting in the industry’s best pricing and value on  a  four drive publisher.  And now, it will also ship standard with a massive 1TB HDD for maximum image storage capacity.

Scribe 4 Drive with PicoJet Inkjet Printer
300 capacity – 4 drive Asynchronous Operation
1 TB Hard Drive
Frugal PicoJet Ink Cost per print

DS2-9604J Publisher  @ $ 4995.00   CD/DVD
BR3-9604J Publisher  @ $ 5995.00   CD/DVD/BluRay

Scribe offers a flexible approach for print, duplication and publishing with a choice of thermal, dyesub or inkjet print options and up to 600 disc capacity. This new pricing coupled with our feature set makes Scribe the obvious choice for your next quotation.

Read more about Scribe

printer consumables – fast shipping and low prices

January 27th, 2011 Comments Off

You may know be aware but at MF digital we offer consumables for all of our Printers – Picojet, P55 and Prism

We offer the best prices, keep items in stock and provide fast shipping. Payment by paypal and the order process couldn’t be simpler – check us out today and make us your port of call for your next media supplies order

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New Italian Reseller and partner appointed

January 6th, 2011 Comments Off

MF digital are very pleased to annouce that from Jan 1st 2011 we will be working closely with The Disc Connection in Italy –

Based in Milano, The Disc Connection have long been servicing the Italian market – now representing the entire MF digital product range including duplication, ripping and our USB/SD platform series.

We look forward to servicing the Italian market together and in growing our European partner network.

New January pricing Released

January 6th, 2011 Comments Off

A Happy and prosperous new year to all our present and future customers!

With this new year we have released some new and enhanced pricing on the 2 drive Scribe and Director series products – these new prices , our key product features and Rapid Exchange options make the MF Digital range even more compelling – contact your Sales person for up to date pricing today.

Automate your CD and DVD Publishing

December 1st, 2010 Comments Off

Sometimes it’s much better to hear about our products from a customer’s perspective, and we recently came across this on an auction web site – it says it all about our Director Series Publishing systems:

I simply do not know where to begin with all the features of this Publisher!

This is the single BEST investment that I have ever made to accelerate my business in the information business product creation! Despite the original high purchase price, I made a small fortune with this machine (just check all my other auctions – all these disks were all made by this machine!).

I used to burn my cds and dvds by hand in my early days, and then peel stick off labels on the disks printed by my laser printer. That took up so much of my time and the discs looked so amateurish.

I moved up to a duplicator system and it had no printer, so I still had to manually program each disk, and ‘peel and stick’ laser labels on every single disk! Things were better, but I still had to upload disc masters, program the duplicator, load blanks, remove blanks, sort out, print labels, peel and stick,………….., and all this was just taking up all my time! – I sometimes dreaded getting an order, knowing the work I had to do!

Then I heard about API. API is a remote call language that allows you to send a command independently to a machine, and have it work independently of operator programming. THIS WAS GREAT! Since now, I just push a button, and burn and print disk.



API is usually only available on HIGH END machines, for commercial production.

What this means is to you is, that if you buy a Disk loader machine without API, you will STILL be loading, programming, removing, putting label….. ALL MANUALLY! – and wasting your time to do simple repetitive tasks, over and over.

When I bought the MF Digital Director Series Commercial robotic Publisher all that changed for good!!!

I now just push a SINGLE button on my MAC and CDs and DVDs just pop out, completed burned, sorted, with smudge proof full color bright color label printed right on the Disk! No fuss, no sorting, and NO MORE MANUAL LABOUR!

This MF-Digital Commercial Director Loader also has a PC built inside it! Just add a monitor, and you have a fully functional PC (running XP). What this means to you, is that when you send an API command (or simply burn a disk by keyboard input), the CPU load will not be on your main computer, so you can work freely burning 100′s of disks, without slowing your host computer down. I use Mac to send API remotely, but you can use PC also, or any computer to send it.

If you are thinking of buying another duplicator or publisher, please read carefully what you are getting! Most other auctions are just consumer level machines, all requiring manual programming and external printing, and have no hardware upgrades, and no remote API. This means that they are not ‘push one button, pop out complete finished product’ remotely. Also, some machine have no internal PC so the CPU load stays on your machine, and are selling for well over the price of an MF Digital system, and no printer!, No PC, and no functionality!

Read more about our Director Series Publisher here.

Trade in your old system for a min $500 discount

November 12th, 2010 Comments Off

We’ve just announced an extension of our hugely successful trade in program. Simply trade in any used duplication equipment from Rimage or Primera for a minimum $500 discount on any new 2-drive Scribe or Director system, or $1,000 on a 4-drive Scribe or Director Series.

When it comes to upgrading or replacing current equipment , many users ‘stick with what they know’ . With MF digital, we don’t lock you into special consumables , nor do we insist on expensive support contracts.

Why not contact us – we can guide you to the best product in our range for your needs – one that does not lock you into a proprietary eco system.

Industry and Company News As It Happens

November 3rd, 2010 Comments Off

At MF Digital we pride ourselves on our products, our service and our industry knowledge. From this page we want to share with you what we know, whats happening , special offers, new product releases and perhaps even some random thoughts!

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