MF Digital launches eventCD

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We are excited to have just released our latest entry into the Live CD recording area – eventCD

With eventCd, you can record Live audio from any event to CD and create multiple CD copies in one simple intuitive, expandable and cost effective system.

The new EventCD combination recorder/duplicator system allows easy recording from virtually any mixer or other analog or digital source right to the “EventCD” hard disk and then almost instantaneous output to two and up to forty-two disc copies at once via its modular expansion approach. This powerful and easy to use system is ideally suited for the recording of church and school events, seminars, lectures, concerts, legal depositions, or any application where multiple audio recordings are instantly needed.

eventCDThe EventCD can record over 650 hours of uncompressed CD quality sound directly to the system’s hard drive. The user simply records the event or performance to the hard disk, sets the desired Start IDs or track points, optionally edits or sets one or more span points for longer recordings exceeding the capacity of a single CD, and then submits the job. Within three minutes of the event’s conclusion, the user will have multiple copies of the event. Its a simple to use powerful system that can be expanded to suit any need.

Expand EventCD with the 5604 4 drive Expansion modules over Ethernet giving the ability to burn on up to 42 drives simultaneously – whether set remotely around a concert facility or campus, or located in a production facility. Add an AutoPrinter for the perfect live event production unit.

And the price? $749

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