Our new Dolphin Tower Copier has launched

Our new products just keep coming! we are excited to announce the Dolphin Tower copier –  a cost effective 7 drive copier tower with CD/DVD and BluRay Options

Dolphin is the latest range of Tower copiers – with 7 drives, Dolphin is a reliable, feature packed, affordable copier with all the options you could need.

Dolphin is operated by a simple four button keypad for intuitive operation, and ships with an integral 500GB HDD for huge image storage. Its powerful embedded operating system uses a 32 bit RISC CPU offering true 12x write on our BluRay models. Supporting copy, test, verify and compare functions with audio compilation capability, Dolphin is the tower copier that every other copier aspires to be.

Dolphin inherits MF Digitals renowned approach to build quality with its industrial chassis, assembled in the USA. Automated self diagnosis and a 500 watt PSU with drives from Sony(CD/DVD) and Pioneer(BD) make Dolphin ideal for 24/7 use.

Dolphin is available as CD/DVD or as CD/DVD/BD with options for increased storage capacity up to 2TB and Lightscribe capability.

As you would expect, Dolphin is supported worldwide with free lifetime software upgrades.

Dolphin is available now, priced at $725 (CD/DVD) and $1995 (BD) ready to go.

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