Ripstation DataGrabber – a real opportunity!

July 15th, 2011 Comments Off

In the current climate we all look for markets that are in need of our solutions. Heres one : Data Archives

All sorts of companies, and Government agencies have many many thousands of CD and DVDs full of archived data. Be it law makers, financial services, libraries, ad agencies , newspapers – almost every organisation has archive data and backups on physical media.

Enter Ripstation DataGrabber – the industry leading solutions that allows companies to load up their entire physical archives and have them copied, bit for bit to local, SAN, NAS or Cloud storage. All error checked and all reported. Its the fastest, most accurate and efficient way to get data committed to hard drive, fast.

DataGrabber starts at just $1395 for low volume needs and is fully scalable no matter the project size.

Check it out here – the opportunities are there!