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Blu-ray Duplicators,
Publishers and
Copier Towers
by MF Digital

The Blu-ray Duplicators, Copiers and Publishers from MF Digital are unsurpassed in quality and performance. MF Digital ushers in the next generation of equipment duplication and publishing with support for Blu-ray technology.  Using the highest quality Pioneer Blu Ray burners, you can now find the new technology in three MF Digital models including the Scribe, Director and 5000 Blu-ray Series Systems.

The Blu-ray drive from Pioneer was designed for authoring houses to pre-master Blu-ray discs for replication; however, it is also suited for professional users and advanced storage needs from high definition broadcast and video content. as well as game disc storage.

You can find out which Blu-ray Disc Media is compatible with MF Digital's Blu-ray Duplicators, Publishers and Copiers by clicking here. (PDF file).

Scribe Series
Blu-ray Duplicator
and Publisher
Director Series
Blu-ray Publisher
for Unique One-Offs
5000 Series
Blu-ray Copier

Blu-ray Duplicator

Blu-ray Publisher

Blu-ray Copier

 Scribe Series
 Blu-ray Duplicator & Publisher
Scribe Blu-ray Series has PC Built-IN for Turn-Key Setup

The Scribe PC Built In "KVM" Blu-ray Duplicators provide Stand-Alone ready to run automated systems for Blu-ray duplicating and printing in a flexible and affordable footprint. You simply add Keyboard, Video monitor, and Mouse.

Blu-ray enables disc burning of up to 25GBs of DVD Storage for high definition video or large data storage needs.  The Scribe Series may be configured with print technologies including the PicoJet inkjet printer, Prism Thermal printer or Dye-Sublimation P55 printer.

The Scribe Series Blu-ray Duplicator uses all the software interface features of our traditional Scribe Series but with enhanced support for Blu-ray technology.

 Director Series Blu-ray Publisher
 for Unique One-Offs
Unique One-Off Publishing for on Demand Blu-ray publishing and printing.

The Director Blu-ray Publisher Series offers affordable automated systems for unique Blu-ray disc on demand applications. 

Ideal for large data storage needs in One-Off Blu-ray disc applications, the MF Digital Blu-ray Publisher is available in 2 and 4 drive configurations with support for inkjet, thermal and dye-sublimation printing.

The Director Series Blu-ray Publisher uses all the software interface features of our traditional Director Series but with enhanced support for Blu-ray technology.


 5000 Tower Series
 Blu-ray Copier Tower
Professional Grade Blu-ray Copier Tower with ergonomic design.


The Blu-ray Copier Towers offer something other systems do not — flexibility and scalability for standalone Blu-ray tower duplicating.

The 5000 Series 6 drive, Blu-ray Copier is the largest Blu-ray drive configuration MF Digital offers.  Duplicate 150GBs of data in one pass or expand the Blu-ray Copier to multiple tower units for extended production. 

The 5000 Series Blu-ray Copier Tower uses all the menu interface features of our traditional DVD Copier Tower but with enhanced support for Blu-ray technology.



The Blu-ray Duplicators, Blu-ray Publishers and Blu-ray Copiers are available immediately from MF Digital.

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