CD DVD Duplication, by MF Digital

Optional Software Modules

All add-on software products can be purchased directly on this page by using Paypal for credit card processing. Downloads and license keys are available within 24 hours of purchase via automated email.

Note that each 'Buy Now' button will take you directly to Paypal for processing so each module must be purchased seperately.

Data Disc Ripping Software!
DataGrabber Add-On Module
Enhance your Scribe system by adding on our
data disc ripping package:

  - Fully automated data ripping using all installed
    Scribe DVD drives
  - Grab & rip data files from CD or DVD to hard disc
  - Flexible file and folder naming

Automated Multiple Job Submissions!
Multi Disc Batch Jobs
Enable your Scribe software to:
  - Users to submit multiple jobs in CSV format
    (Create via Excel, notepad, etc.)
  - Great for sets or submission of large quantity of jobs

Personal CD Ripping Software!
Ripstation Lite Add-On Module
Enhance your Scribe system by adding on our
CD ripping package:

  - Rip to MP3, Flac , AAC, WMA and WAV
  - Get high quality data with cover art for each album
  - Allows premium metadata and cover art for accurate     and concise rip
  - Fully automated using one of your Scribe DVD drives

Note : All Scribe systems purchased after Feb 1 2011 have this package included. If you need to redownload, please visit this page.
Sure Thing Upgrade from Version 4.0 to 5.0!
Sure Thing 5 Software Upgrade
Upgrade to the latest version of SureThing CD/DVD Print Label Software. New features include:
  - Support for Bar Coding
  - Alpha-blending for transparent design elements
  - Circular Text to follow contour of disc edges
  - 3-D Text Effects with many 3D styles to choose from

  - Backward compatible with Version 4 .std files



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