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MF Digital Duplication Product Line

MF Digital is the premier leader in CD DVD Duplication and Disc Printing equipment. MF Digital's powerful software suite offers unparalleled features at an economical price. Features include : license free client software, advanced Audio and Data ripping utilities, powerful labeling software, modular expandability and flexible API tools for custom integration.

Products manufactured by MF Digital fall into five main categories:

 CD DVD Video, Audio, Data Ripping
 Automated Ripper
Completely Automated Music, Video and Data Disc Ripping System.

Model: Ripstation 7000 Series

Digital music and video conversion is a rapidly growing service industry. The Ripstation from MF Digital is a powerful solution to aid in this process. Ripping DVD and Ripping CD content is done using metadata management software so this tag information is standardized and accurate for your digital video and digital audio library.

The Ripstation 7000 Series may be configured with 1, 2 or 4 drives with multi-drive units ripping content simultaneously.

 Medical Disc Imaging Systems Medical Disc Imaging System for DICOM and PACS Compatible Management Networks.

Model: MDS 2000 CD DVD Series

The Medical Disc Imaging Series from MF Digital is a powerful DVD CD workflow system providing a full line of configurable DICOM compatible solutions with PC "Built in Design." This all new Medical Disc System provides unsurpassed performance and reliability for physicians; staff and technologists to maintain distribute and archive medical records.

The MDS 2000 Series may be configured with 2 or 4 drives with thermal and inkjet printing.

 Disc-On-Demand Publishing
 Unique Disc & Label Creation
Network Disc Publisher for Unique One-Off Disc Production and Back-End Custom Integration.

Model: CD Director 2000 Series DVD CD Publisher

The Director Disc On Demand publishing system is a network-based disc manufacturing system with integrated printing solutions. A simple text based API allows the Director to produce discs upon receiving local or remote burning requests. Director is ideal for production of unique one off discs for distribution. Capacity is from 300 to 600 discs.

Director can be configured with 2 or 4 drives with thermal and inkjet printing.

 Automated CD DVD Duplicator
 PC Based
Ready to go, Simple to use Networking PC Based Duplicator --- We Built the PC in for you.

Model: Scribe PC 9000 Series CD DVD Duplicator

Snap on the printer, add the Keyboard, Video monitor and Mouse ("KVM"), and the Scribe PC copier instantly becomes the most versatile, flexible and easy to use desktop disc duplicator on the market today. It is a network ready PC Based Automated Duplicator with In-Line Inkjet or Thermal Printing. Capacity is from 300 to 600 discs

Scribe PC can be configured with 0 (print station), 2, 4 or 6 drives with thermal and inkjet printing.

 FlexCell Automated CD DVD
 Production Duplicator
CD DVD Duplicator system for large production and commercial applications.

Model: Scribe 9000 FlexCell Series CD DVD Duplicator

Designed for the Commercial Duplicator, the Scribe 9000 FlexCell Series is ideal for large run duplicating, DVD CD printing and quick-turn duplication production needs. Built-in redundancy factors, unparalleled performance and 100% accuracy and traceability.  Available in 16 and 24 drive duplicator configurations.

Scribe FlexCell supports Inkjet, Thermal and Dye-Sublimation configurations.

 Automated CD DVD
 Print Station
300 to 600 Capacity PC Based Print Stations Configure with Inkjet or Thermal Printer

Model: Scribe PC 9000 CD DVD Print Station

Snap on printer, add the Keyboard, Video monitor and Mouse ("KVM"), and the Scribe PC Networkable Print Station is ready for production. Loaded with features for unique disc printing or disc label serialization the Scribe Print Stations are up-gradable to Scribe 9000 Duplicators.

Configure Scribe PC Print Station with PicoJet inkjet printer or Prism Plus thermal printer.

 Live Event Recording, Editing
 and Duplicating
Powerful Live Event Recorder and Duplicator System. On-the-Spot Editing


Model: 5500 Series Live Event System

Start with master 5500 Series system and begin recording, editing and duplicating with ease. Growing production is not a problem, expand from 4 to 60 drives by simply adding 6 drive copier rack stations.

Live event systems available in 4 or 6 drive master units. Rack mount enclosures.

 Manual CD DVD Copier Module
Complete Line of CD DVD Towers. Professional, Economy and Audio/Video Copiers

Model: Compare 5906 Pro Line & 5907 Economy

Also Available:

Live Event Recorder
Duplicator for Live Audio Events
Video Copier
Duplicator for Video Workstation

As a leading manufacturer of digital solutions, you can experience the MF Digital difference with our 5906 / 5907 CD / DVD copier towers, and modular DVD / CD copier systems.

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