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Teac P-55 Printer,
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Teac P55 Dye Sublimation Thermal Re-Transfer Printer

MF Digital's P55 Dye Sub Printer offers both manual and automated direct-to-disc printing. The Teac P55 CD DVD printer is available on MF Digital Print Stations as well as our Scribe 9000 Duplicator, Scribe Commercial Duplicators and Director Publishers . Thanks to its quality CMYK printing, the P55 Printer brings the highest quality prints to in-house CD and DVD Printer applications.

The revolutionary Teac P-55 CMYK thermal printing technology ushers in a new era of affordable, high quality CD/DVD media printing, producing professional photo quality labels that are truly unmatched.

The Teac P55 Professional Dye Sublimation CMYK Photo-Quality 400 DPI Print Resolution produces high quality retransfer thermal prints directly onto discs . The P55 has redefined the industry standard with this dye sub printer.

The discs, once printed, are water repellent, scratchproof, and UV-protected, eliminating the need to laminate the disc! The P55 offers the highest in-house print quality available today.

Advanced P55 Features Include:

 Automation Support MF Digital's P55 is 100% compatible with our automatic duplicators, publishers and print stations.
 Photo Realistic 290LPI (Lines Per Inch) creates photo like label quality directly to any CD or DVD.
 Bleed Free, UV Stable P55 prints do not fade over time and yield excellent print quality without bleeding lines between colors.
 Professional Images Dye Sublimation CMYK printing is superior to any disc labeling option when looking for professional, silk-screen looking quality from an in-house printer.
 Reliable The P55 is rugged and durable for 24 / 7 operation in the most demanding of print environments.

Frequently Asked Questions for P55:

What is the printing process?

The P55 uses a re-transfer dye sublimation process. The image is printed onto a re-transfer roll using 4 different color panels, the re-transfer roll is then adhered to the disc. There are two separate modes for the P55, first thermal wax transfer then dye sublimation.

What is Dye Sublimation?

Dye sublimation is a process of thermal printing in which a Dye is transferred from the Color Roll to the Transfer Roll as a solid to a gas to a solid. The Dye never becomes liquid, only a gas. Thus it is not applied like an inkjet process in dots. The gas application allows the colors to blend better to produce a more photo realistic image.

What is the resolution?

The P55 uses a 400DPI print head. This is the highest resolution print head available which produces the equivalent of 290LPI - the highest dye sublimation resolution on the market today.

How many color panels does the P55 use?

The P55 uses a 4 color roll in both the thermal wax and dye sublimation printer rolls. The colors consist of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. This produces a "true" black color unlike other dye sublimation printers since others use the CMY to create black.

P55 Specifications:

 Printing Method: Thermal Re-Transfer
 Print Speed: 80-120 seconds
 Print Resolution: 400 dpi
 Ribbon Colors: Black, Photo & Color
 Printer per Ribbon: Black = 2000, Full Color & Photo = 500
 Dimensions: 9.5 x 11.87 x 15.31" / 30.1 x 24.1 x 38 cm
 Weight: 48lbs / 22.01 kg
 Power: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (manual switch_ 500 W or less
 Media Support & Handling: Direct-to-disc CD DVD thermal printer on standard media 120mm CDs & DVDs
 MF Digital System
All Scribe Series, All Director Series
 Label Editor: SureThing Software (included).
 Supported Operating
XP / 2000 / W7
 Minimum System
Windows 2000 Pentium 133MHz, 64MB RAM; Windows XP Pentium 233 MHz, 128MB RAM
 Recommended Operating
Temperature: 59 to 97.7 C; Humidity: 20 to 80%RH non-condensing
 Warranty: 1 year (print head not included), Extended warranties available.
 Approved Media: Teac P55 approved media list (.pdf).

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