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MF Digital CD DVD Duplication Guide
Questions and Answers

What solutions are available for Audio Video duplication?

At we offer a range of solutions that companies and individuals can use to make live audio and video recordings, or make multiple copies of audio and video discs. CD duplicators are capable of copying large volumes of CDs that contain music of video (in the form of VCD). If you need to create multiple copies of DVD video you will need a DVD duplicator. DVD Duplicators can also copy the common CD formats including audio CD, data CD and Video CD. New DVD duplicators are capable of recording 9.4Gb Dual layer DVDs as typically used for Blockbuster type movies.

Duplicators are not usually used for recording. If you wish to record live audio or video you will need a CD DVD recorder, such as the 5906 Live event recorder. Live recorders usually enable users to input feed via analogue and digital to create realtime recordings of live events. These recorded discs can then be used as masters from which multiple copies can be made for distribtion.

MF Digital CD DVD Duplication Guide
Questions and Answers

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