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MF Digital CD DVD Duplication Guide
Questions and Answers

Which is better, thermal or inkjet printing?

By definition a thermal printer operates in a very different way to an inkjet. Because the inkjet printing process coats a special printable CD DVD with a thin layer of ink it may be damaged under certain conditions. Inkjet CD DVD printers are bought by 90% of our printer purchasers. The advatnages inkjet CD DVD printers offer include; low entry price, low consumable costs, varied product options, based on popular and servicable print engines, flexible print output, high quality print. Some disadvantages to be considered are, potential for moisture damage, potential for damage by abrasion.

Generally inkjet printer are low cost, flexible, durable and maintainable. By having inkjet CD DVD printers in your arsenal you have true flexibility with low overheads. It is difficult to achive low cost printing with a thermal re transfer printer, while with inkjet you can, using the right techniques and hardware, create full face, full color hi res prints on CD and DVD for much less per unit.

MF Digital CD DVD Duplication Guide
Questions and Answers

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