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MF Digital CD DVD Duplication Guide
Questions and Answers

What types of recordable media is available?

When determining your media requirements you need to consider the following;
Do I have a budget requirement?
Do I have a user compatability requirement?
Do I have a hardware compatability requirement?

All media sold at Formats Unlimited is certified A-Grade, so even when you pay the least money you can be assured that the product will be reliable. If you do have compatability issues with your system it may be necessary for you to upgrade the firmware on your recorders. Also be aware that the price of media DOES determine its aesthetic qualities and durability. A cheap disc might feel (in the hands) quite simply cheap. Also a cheap disc is unlikely to offer protection to the silver data layer. ie It will not be over coated or laquered on the top surface.

When buying DVD media the most important consideration is playback compatability. Lots of budget DVDR is recognised as recording on anything while playing back on nothing. So before you buy check out what is being said in the forums. And be sure to download a disc identifier application that will allow you to find out what you are really spending your money on.

Regarding hardware compatabilty, if you have an inkjet printer, buy inkjet printable discs in either silver or white. For thermal CD DVD printers you can use any silver or white top discs, but for best results use a thermal printable laquered disc. Dont try and use DVD-R in a DVD+R writer since it wont work. Also be sure to buy Digital Audio CDR for your CD rack mounted, or Hi Fi based CD recorders. Note that a CD recorded on a Digital Audio CD can be copied onto normal CDR via our CD duplicators. Similarly you can copy from DVD-R to DVD+R and vice versa via our CD DVD Duplicators.

MF Digital CD DVD Duplication Guide
Questions and Answers

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