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High Volume Production Systems.

Need lower volume? Check Out Our Scribe Series

MF Digital ushers in a new era of BD, CD & DVD production. Our flex cells are for the high volume user. You choose; a duplicate only cell, a print only cell, or quick turn duplicate and print cell. Every job is copied, printed or copied and printed with 100% accuracy.

The 9000 Flex Cell Series is a powerful system. A commercial BD, CD DVD duplicator system; each cell contains your choice of BD, DVD / CD disc drives. The system functions via an easy to use "KVM" and a control panel. With the PC inside, the Flex Cell is available in 4 and 6 drive modules. Choose print or no print.

If you want print, the Scribe 9000 has Disc the disc printer you need. The Scribe Flex Cell Series from is truly a turnkey, lights out Disc Production System. Flex Cell has Disc Printing configuration options to include in-line CD Inkjet Printing, CD Thermal Transfer Printing, and in-line Dye Sublimation Printing. The Scribe Flex Cell Series from MF Digital is truly a turnkey, lights-out Disc Production System.

Scribe 9000 Flex Cell BD, DVD CD Duplicator Series Configuration Options:

BD CD DVD Duplicator Only
Production System
Flex cell

16 BD CD DVD Drives
Up to 1,200 Capacity

BD CD DVD Print Station Only
Production System
flex cell

Inkjet, Thermal or
Up to 2,400 Capacity

BD DVD CD Duplicator
and Print System

16 Drives w/ Printing
Up to 1,200 Capacity

Supports all of our industry leading Scribe software features.

Duplication Only Production System

Scribe 9000 Flex Cell Commercial Series BD CD DVD Duplicator Production System

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Large Capacity Largest commercial duplicator system available. 16 BD, or CD DVD drive system with 1,200 spindle capacity.
High End Quality Mission critical, Hi-speed, 24/7 loader mechanisms for lights out operation and heavy-use applications..
Simplicity Standalone system no PC required. Control Multiple Flex Cell from one Software interface. Free Network Client.


The Flex Cell Production System offers a powerful production BD DVD /CD DVD duplicator. Pre configured in a ready to run modular flex cell, it is ready to work now. It is designed for the most demanding environment. Flex Cell from MF Digital is a safe, smart business investment.

Print Only Production System

Scribe 9000 Flex Cell Print Station Series BD, CD DVD Printer Production System

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3 Print Technologies Configure all with Inkjet, Thermal Transfer or Dye Sublimation printers or mix-n-match to your needs.
Seamless Interface Assign single module per job or allocate entire system for optical performance and throughput.
Expandable All Flex Cell systems may be configured with additional modules to fit the most demanding environments.


The Scribe 9000 Flex Cell BD, DVD CD Print Station is a print system powerhouse. It is designed for use with Inkjet, Thermal and Dye Sub printers. Mix and match printer technologies to fit your exact needs. The Scribe Flex Cell Print Station has the largest input disc capacity on the market today. Compliment your Print Station cell with the Flex Cell commercial DVD CD high volume duplicator solution.

Duplication and Print Production System

Scribe 9000 Flex Cell Quick-Turn BD, DVD CD Duplicator Production with In-Line Printing

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 Advanced Movement Our Asynchronous BD, CD DVD duplicator with printer allow drives and printer to work independently.
 Spindle Select Intelligent spindle select, system automatically selects BD, CD or DVD media for uninterrupted production.
 Flexible Configurations 1,200 disc capacity. Configure in-line printing with Inkjet, Thermal or Dye-Sub printer.


The Scribe 9000 Flex Cell Quick Turn is an excellent solution for your fast turn DVD CD needs. Control any amount of modules through a single "KVM". Submit jobs to modules within a Flex Cell for fast disc burning and printing. Use multiple Flex Cells for true mass production. With a large disc capacity and drive choices the Flex Cell Quick Turn system can handle any job


MF Digital provides a standard 1 year Return to Base (RTB) warranty, with options for extending the warranty as follows:

  • Extended 2nd year
  • Extended 2nd and 3rd year
  • Rapid Parts Exchange - if you need parts, we will send them fast

During your warranty period, we offer support from our locations in the US and the UK so whatever your time zone we are here to help. Support is available via email, telephone and remote desktop

Note - Rapid Exchange warranties are not available in all territories, please check with our sales team for availability and quotation.



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