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Complete System - 5202 eventCD with Integrated PC, Windows Pro, all Software

5204-EXP Expansions modules MSRP: $729

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5200 series Audio Live Event Recorder/Duplicator Capture, edit and duplicate audio from live events in minutes

The affordable 5200 Series Live Event Recorder / Duplicator system from MF Digital advances the art of capturing and duplicating live audio for any event. Simple to use by design, easily produce custom audio CDs right at your event in under 3 minutes.

Whether it's a Church event, seminar, court deposition, trade show or live concert the Live Series from MF Digital combines recording, editing and duplication in one powerful system.The 5200 series Live Event recorder is a "must have" for producing high quality audio copies from any analog source.

eventCD is a complete solution:

Capture - Record audio via line in analog

Edit - Insert audio, edit tracks, in and out markers or span discs

Duplicate - Make two copies in just a few minutes, make multiple copies or expand to suit your needs

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Designed in a space saving enclosure with two integrated CD/DVD drives, the 5200 Live Series is not only compact, but expandable. Easily connect 5204-EXP 4 drive expansion modules to increase production from 2 drives to 6 right up to 42 drives, controlling everything from a single console. Add an optional plug-in CD/DVD AutoPrinter to complete your production.

Live Event 5200 series Key Features:


Ease of use is core to the design - by utilizing the Windows OS, EventCD provides a powerful, yet simple wizard driven software offering one-click duplicating, allowing even the most novice user to be an expert. Use the track ID edit tool for live editing, or span to multiple disc with one click. Even standardize your live audio CD with pre-recorded messages in WAV or MP3 which can be easily inserted. Unlike conventional systems, everything is committed to hard drive - and with space for up to 650 hours of continuous recording, you capture every second.

EventCD grows with your needs, maximizes your production and streamlines your workflow. A cost effective, powerful solution from industry leaders MF Digital


5202 back 5204-XP
5202 Front 5202 back 5204-XP Expansion Unit


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Number of drives 5202 - 2
5204-EXP - 4
Drive Interface SATA
Supported media CD-DA
Operating system Windows PRO
Internal HDD 5202 - 500GB
5204 - 500GB
Audio I/O RCA Line level I/O
Record capacity 650 Hours uncompressed
Interface Just add Keyboard Video Mouse
Available Models 5202 : 2-drive base unit
5204-EXP : 4 drive expansion unit
Power 450 watt
Weight 5202 : 15lbs
5204 : 17lbs
Dimensions 9602 : 16" W x 14" H 7" D
9604 : 16.5" W x 16" H 7"D

Expansion Options

Expand your base 5202 system with the 5204-EXP 4 drive expansion module and instantly add the ability to duplicate additional copies.

Add multiple 5204 modules up to 42 drive total capacity, all controlled from the 5202 base module interface.




MF Digital provides a standard 1 year Return to Base (RTB) warranty, with options for extending the warranty as follows:

  • Extended 2nd year
  • Extended 2nd and 3rd year
  • Rapid Parts Exchange - if you need parts, we will send them fast

During your warranty period, we offer support from our locations in the US and the UK so whatever your time zone we are here to help. Support is available via email, telephone and remote desktop

Note - Rapid Exchange warranties are not available in all territories, please check with our sales team for availability and quotation.

Full details of our warranty are available here


Comparison against Typical CD Recorders

  eventCD Typical CD recorder
Number of drives 2 1
Expandable 42 drives NO
Audio Insert feature YES NO
On board record capacity 650 Hours NONE
Dedicated duplication mode YES NO
Write speed 48X 1X
Throughput 2 discs per 2.5 minutes, up to 42 discs per 2.5 minutes 1 Upon recording stop
Duplicate existing CDs/DVD's YES NO



Download Product Brochure: Live Event 5200 Series Brochure

Download the eventCD Product Manual


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